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It is with great pride that we are, for the second consecutive year, one of the official sponsors of the Lisbon Athletics Association.

As part of this partnership, this Saturday, August 1, we will be
live on Lisbon University Stadium to stream the Meeting Cidade de Lisboa 2020 via streaming. This event can be watched live via Youtube and also on Sporting TV.

Colorama_July 2020


With the beginning of the return to normality, tourism is once again a national bet. Lisbon, considered in 2019 as the Best Tourist Destination in the World, by the World Travel Awards, wants to see its streets again with the life that so characterizes it. In a year without the traditional popular festivities, which lead thousands of people to visit the capital, the “Foundi Lisboa” campaign was created, which challenges the Portuguese to (re) discover the magic that the region has to offer.

Colorama produced the campaign for Turismo de Lisboa, which can be seen on television and social networks.

Colorama_July 2020


This month our team followed the reopening of IKEA stores in Portugal.

Due to the revocation of some security measures taken at the beginning of the year, it was possible to reopen these spaces to the public during the month of June.

In Lisbon, this moment was attended by the Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, Helen Durphon and Bruno Ferreira, who highlighted the importance of this occasion and left a word of acknowledgment to the effort of everyone involved.

Colorama_June 2020


Despite the current epidemic crisis, Colorama continues to make its services available, always putting safety first. 
In this sense, we accepted the challenge of the DIA Portugal Group together with Minipreço to participate in the “Mini Gestos Solidários” campaign. A commendable initiative that aims to deliver food and essential products to several Portuguese institutions.

With the support of the Portuguese Red Cross, the Municipality of Olhão, the Food Bank Against Hunger, the CAIS Association and the Vida e Paz Community, it was possible to distribute these resources in Lisbon and the Algarve. Colorama was responsible for highlighting the importance that this type of initiatives have in the current scenario and the indispensable role that these associations play in the daily lives of many Portuguese.

The result of this incredible effort by DIA Portugal Group and Minipreço can be seen on the official Instagram page: Mini Gestos Solidários (@minigestossolidarios).

Colorama_April 2020

The Solution always with you!

We hope that everything will quickly return to normal. But until that happens we have to take the opportunity to publicize our name / brand and our image to be the first to be remembered when our services are needed.

To fulfill this objective we need to publicize ourselves, with the help of Colorama, you will be able to create videos of an advertising, corporate, institutional or other nature that you need, as well as capture the best moments of your business in photography.


We also help you to innovate your brand, creating a unique identity, with strong personality, through any means of graphic design.


Count on us to help you publicize your business and make it grow. We want you to consider us part of the solution that you can always count on.

Colorama_April 2020